Home Security

Keep your customers safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. Alarm.com systems are monitored by Fluent monitoring stations across the country, so you can count on help whenever it’s needed — giving you the ultimate sense of home security.

Home Automation

We believe a home automation system should truly be automatic. There are thousands of home automation products out on the market, but Fluent brings the best technology into one app controlled by an easy-to-use touchscreen.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on activity at your property with professionally hosted video monitoring. This technology can display who is at your front door with a doorbell camera, and two-way voice through the app lets you speak to visitors at the door from anywhere — a perfect home security solution for your customers.

Medical Alert

This technology is designed to potentially save your customers’ lives. Lifeguard’s mission is to bring together technology that keeps people happy, healthy and safe. The technology is easy to use, durable and includes the most advanced features.

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Grow Your Business

Local Security is not a final destination, it’s a vehicle to help you achieve your own independence. We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs start and grow healthy new enterprises.

Our incubator is purpose-built to guide you through the acquisition of the knowledge required to operate a smart home business. The Local Security Alliance will nurture your growth while you gain the necessary skills in important areas of Sales, Service, Operations and Finance.

Custom Software

Local Security supplies custom software designed for your home security and home automation business. Our platform integrates the monitoring station, sales and service apps, your accounting software and our proprietary Service Console, providing a 360 view of your business 24/7.

Our artificial intelligence software analyzes your field data in real time, sending notifications and updates to encourage your team as well as direct important attention to potential opportunities. Stop missing out.

Establish Lean Operations

Back office is a pain. Attrition, inventory management, funding, payroll, service… It’s more than a full time job.

Local Security affords unprecedented mentorship and guidance from the nation’s top performing smart home executives. Our team is comprised of operations professionals with experience in all facets of the smart home business.

Local Security picks up the heavy lifting, performing all back-office operations while you learn. As your business grows, take on more responsibility and an increased budget. Learn how to increase your revenue and proactively decrease your costs. Keep more of what you earn.

Advanced Training

Not only does Local Security provide a thorough onboarding program taught by experienced home security professionals, but Local Security continues to support you and your business through ongoing training’s, seminars and workshops.

These trainings provide individual attention — both in the classroom and on-location — and are performed by home security industry experts who help show you how to open doors so that you make more money.

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